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Norm Ebenstein – Founder of Capital Commercial Properties

Norm Ebenstein is the founder of Capital Commercial Properties. It is a business that manages many different properties in places like Virginia, Maryland, and even in the Washington DC area. They service over 500 residential units, many of which are in the capital city area. They also have a premier Asian shopping center, and a place called Eden Center which has over 100 tenants. All of this was made possible because of Norm Ebenstein, the founder of this business.

Where Did Norman Ebenstein Come From?

He came from New York City, born and raised, back in October 1928. Subsequently, he and his parents relocated to Worchester Massachusetts, and he comes from a Jewish background. He was the president of Capital Commercial Properties, a very successful business that has been responsible for shopping centers, shopping malls, and residential property development. It is the Eden Center that is located in Virginia, specifically in the shopping district, that provided a cultural mecca for many different types of people including those of Vietnamese heritage.

Properties That He Helped Develop

The properties that he helped develop are located in many different locations. This would include Alexandria Virginia, Falls Church Virginia, and also Silver Spring Maryland. There are also shopping centers in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Silver Spring, Maryland, and the Timonium Square in Timonium, MD. the properties include the Eden Center, the Sullivan Place Retail, and the Stony Mill Square. These are all very successful properties with tenants that have been there for many years, promoting their products and services.

Capital Commercial Properties

This business that he is responsible for developing was very instrumental in so many different residential units appearing in the Alexandria Virginia area. It is also responsible for major cultural shifts that include the development of Asian shopping centers. In fact, the Eden Center is not just a place to go shopping. It was voted as the best shopping center in Washington DC between the years of 2014 and 2015. This is just one of the many accomplishments that this company has made in this industry at the helm of Norman Ebenstein.

The success of Norm Ebenstein is evidenced by his many shopping malls, shopping centers, and the multitude of residential properties in the very expensive Washington DC downtown region. This company is also operated by Douglas and Lisa Ebenstein. If you would like to learn more about the Ebensteins and their family, can visit their website at Capital Commercial Properties today.