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What Should You Look for in a Top Criminal Defense Attorney?

You will come across hundreds of lawyers claiming they have an excellent track record. But you don’t have to take their word for it if you yourself know what you’re looking for. Here are four qualities that all excellent criminal defense attorneys have.

Good Educational Background and Knowledge

An excellent Jacksonville attorney boasts of his strong education in law. He must also have excellent experimental knowledge and is noticeably good when it comes to the ins and outs of the law. If your lawyer knows the intricacies of the law, you have much greater chances of winning your case whichever side you are on. Make sure too that this lawyer has other desirable qualities and is not one who is infamous for too many lost cases.

Extensive Experience

If a lawyer has dealt with a number of cases similar to yours, then they must be aware of which strategies to use in your case. If a lawyer has worked or encountered comparable cases like yours, then you will certainly have the upper hand with regards to your case. However, it is not enough to hear your lawyer. You need to ask people around, primarily what they’ve heard about him. That is seeking objective and independent reviews.


If you work with a lawyer who has no passion for his job, it is like you’re booking a ticket that will land you in jail. Part of a lawyer’s work is to convince the judge and the jury’s emotions regarding the case. Thus, only a very passionate criminal defense Jacksonville attorney can help you win your case. Your lawyer may be the most logical and the most exact in his words and arguments. However, if he doesn’t have convincing power, he can’t help you that much.


Pick an attorney that has confidence in his ability to help you get the outcome you want for your case. Make sure too that this confidence is backed up with more than adequate knowledge of the law. Nonetheless, no court session can ever intimidate a cocky attorney, especially if he has full faith in himself about winning your case. Confidence should be backed up with much sincerity. If the jury perceives the lawyer as plain too cocky without much substance in his arguments, then that could put you in trouble. Here you find more