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Fusionex: A Data Technology Provider

As a multi-awarded data technology provider, Fusionex has made a great impression and consistent worldwide presence. With a growing 500 clients in the United States, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region, Fusionex undoubtedly brings ground-breaking ideas and solutions, especially in data management. At Fusionex, experience the best and most convenient platform for your data, even in the most complicated areas like the following fields.

Core Engine

Fusionex offers a platform for a horizontal, industry skeptic, core data management suitable to various data processes. Fusionex‘s GIANT core engine can operate different varieties, volumes, veracities, velocities, and values of data. Unstructured, semi-structured, or structured data are manageable with continuous research and development to cover full analytic scale, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Travel & Leisure (T&L)

Fusionex module extends the core engine of the data management platform to include travel and leisure models, data points, entity frameworks, and other T&L business necessities. With the advanced components, it allows smooth integration between data sources in T&L, like reservation, travel agent, and ticketing protocols.

Retail, Trade Facilitation

Although trade facilitation, e-commerce, and retail models seemed complex, Fusionex possesses the right technology to aid your database. It provides a method to integrated your data sources from various e-commerce platforms, logistics, agencies, and local marketplaces, as well as to different traders for excellent electronic fulfillment. It can also operate sanitization, risk management, and verification data processes for a more efficient trading system.

Financial Services

For specific models of businesses, Fusionex also provides financial services through the use of its advanced technology components. It integrates data sources like internet banking, insurance, brokering, wealth and loan management, payment, and even investment links. Thus, Fusionex enables you to have a continuous and safe intelligence and augmented analytics to various banks, insurance firms, and also to modern fintech businesses.

At a glance, Fusionex already made an impression on the data management field with its efficient management for any data operation. As a data technology provider, it opens an opportunity for future success due to its intelligence and augmented analytical methods.