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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing A Conveyor System

There are many factors to consider when choosing mechanical equipment, and this is especially true when it comes to conveyors. It can be an ordeal if you are going to purchase one for your business since it can significantly affect your production. Here are some ideas that you should consider when purchasing a conveyor system.


One of the requirements that conveyors need to satisfy is the operation. When choosing a conveyor system, you need to know the function and the performance that you need from the system. Necessarily, there are two categories when it comes to moving the items:


It is much more of a critical-process and time-sensitive when it comes to the quantity of material delivered. The stuff is usually received from a single source and delivered to a specific drop point.


On the other hand, conveying is merely moving the items from one or more sources and delivered to multiple drop points. The rate is fixed, and the delivery time fits within a minimum and maximum scope. To ensure the correct selection, it is crucial that the machine knows the difference between these two. 


Environmental factors should also be considered to ensure the proper selection of the conveyors. It includes the following:

Corrosive vapor


Open sources of Ignition

High Humidity

Vacuum or Pressure

Some of these considerations may combine with the characteristics of the materials and others may require safety and health countermeasures as additional factors. 


Another critical thing that you should consider is the material composition. Most of these materials are vigorous and can be influenced by a number of characteristics. It is better to look at it as a whole. You need to know the:

Name of the material 

The state or form of it

The composition

The particle size

You should understand the behavior of the material that you’ll be handling and can refer to the Material Safety Data Sheets as a guide. 


It takes a lot of careful thinking when it comes to choosing conveyors. Understanding the material, the environmental factors, and the operation can help you in selecting the conveyor system to help you be more productive and efficient. Once you have it all laid out, you will be able to acquire the equipment that can aid you in the long run.