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4 Top Factors To Consider in Label Design

Whether you’re launching a new product or revamping a brand,  what you would want to do is an eye-catching label design. If your product is fresh in the market, good label design is the first thing that can attract potential customers; it’ll serve as a symbol for that specific item. It’s everything that comprises the first impression of your creation in the customer’s minds. Thus, your product labels should be remarkable enough to attract a buyer to put the item on their cart.

What you should consider your label design

While there’s no specific or clearly written formula for making labels that bring your target orders, there are things you can do that screams great cheese, coffee, fruit snack, or gin labels. Here are some factors you must consider when envisioning the label design of your product:

  • Product and company name
    What you might want to do is to make sure that your business and product name can be clearly seen on your label. The name must be easily recognizable, and the first thing a buyer notices. You should also maintain a common or uniform theme across all the products that you have. This will help your product be identifiable even if it’s displayed along with other items.
  • Colors
    The colors and its combination has an impact on the buying habit of a customer. Thus, don’t hesitate to mix colors while you’re on the process of designing the label, experiment on the balance of shades before printing.
  • Fonts and letterings
    When it comes to fonts, you need to consider the type, size, and emphasis. There’s no limit on what you can do about this, but the key here is to use strikingly noticeable fonts. As much as possible, avoid common fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, etc. Use fonts that can stand among the rest, but make sure it’s readable.
  • Size of the label
    The extent of your product label will also be based on the container and packaging of the product. Also, plan if you are to create just one or multiples liners on the back and front of the product. If you decide to place labels on both sides of the container, you can separate the logo, name, and product details, and avoid putting them all together in one spot. 

Final words

The factors listed in this article are just some of the factors to help you create a unique and great looking product label that can sell. You are free to apply your creativity in this process to put a personal touch, but observing the fundamental factors discussed above will help you come up with labels that best represents your new product.