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Typical Services Of An Eye Doctor Safford Arizona


Every eye doctor offers a variety of unique services. Most eye clinics have individual differences in their specialized services. Knowing the standard functions they offer will help you choose the right eye doctor Safford Arizona. The focus of this article will be on the typical services of optometrists.

Eye Disease Discovery and Observation

One of the first things an optometrist does is check for visual acuity using eye charts like the Snellen chart. Depending on the result of testing or your complaint, they also test for refractive errors and prescribe corresponding lenses to attain the complete proper vision. They also use an ophthalmoscope to detect and observe the progress of eye diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataract. 

Independent Drug Prescription

Optometrists prescribe drugs for patients depending on the condition. They can prescribe topical pharmaceutical medications like antihistamines, NSAIDs, antibiotics, and other drugs provided it is not oral or injectable. However, in some states, like New York City, optometrists can prescribe the oral forms of the drugs. 

Contact Lens Service

Besides prescribing contact lenses, eyeglasses, and other eye wearables for patients, optometrists perform other contact lens services. One common thing they do is to handle and prescribe contact lenses for people with abnormal cornea shape.

Pediatric Eye Care

A lot of eye problems start at an early age, especially refractive errors. Some children struggle to read, write, and do routine school work because of various eye problems. Eye doctors ensure that they are well taken care of, to help them have the healthiest life possible. The eye treatments they get could be corrective or preventive.

PreOperative and PostOperative Eye Care

An optometrist has the authority to perform all eye procedures except surgery. Because of the limited number of ophthalmologists available, you may need to travel to visit one if you need eye surgery. Due to this fact, some optometrists offer pre and post-operative surgical care. This service will help reduce the time you need to stay away from home. Before or after any procedure, you can go to your optometrist to carry out the eye necessary care.

Final Notes

Any good optometrist performs all these functions. However, some of the best ones do all these functions and more. Whatever your eye challenge is, the perfect solution is to go to the best eye doctor in Safford, Arizona.