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How To Hire A Good Dallas Electrician

Hiring an electrician is important when it comes to doing electrical work on your home. You should never cut corners by hiring a handy man to do the work of a qualified Dallas electrician.

Types Of Electricians

If you live in the Dallas area, you’re likely to have access to a number of electricians, being from a large metropolitan area. But you don’t just want any electrician” you want the best. There are multiple levels of electrician professionals in Texas. You will want either a journeyman electrician or a master electrician.

In Texas, a master electrician has at least six years of supervised experience and has passed a standardized test. He has proved his knowledge of the National Electrical Code, plus any Texas-specific modifications to that code. A master electrician is qualified to design, install, and maintain the electrical system that you need.

A journeyman electrician is licensed by the state as well, and has 4 years of supervised experience, but hasn’t qualified for a master’s license yet. He cannot design systems, but he can install wiring and equipment.

Fortunately, the local building department must send out an inspector to approve the work and make sure it’s up to code, so you’ll also have that additional layer of protection that will ensure the work is done right.

Finding The Right Electrician

Electricians usually specialize in a particular area of work, such as new construction, commercial work, or service calls for repairs. If your project involves upgrades to an existing home, you should choose someone who specializes in such work, as they’ll know how to do things like snake wires through existing walls.

If you have a contractor, he most likely will have a list of Dallas electricians that he considers reliable. If not, check with your local home builder’s association or an electrical supply store, let them know what kind of work you need done, and ask for a recommendation.

As you interview electrician candidates, be sure to ask that he show you a copy of his Texas license and proof of insurance. Check the dates to make sure both documents are current. Electricians working on typical residential remodeling jobs should be carrying at least $500,000 of liability insurance, plus workers’ compensation insurance for himself and his work crew.

Once you’ve checked to make sure his paperwork is in order, check the references he has provided and review his work on a previous job. Any good electrician knows that you are just protecting yourself and your home, and should be happy to provide you with such information and any answers you need.