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Top Private Schools In Canada Right Now

Most parents are looking to find the top private schools in Canada when it comes to their child’s education. It’s a good step to take and one that has many advantages to it, but you have to be selective. You can’t send your child to any private school because it’s “private.” You have to think far ahead.

You need to understand there are some private schools, which are good and then there are others not as competent.

So, which schools are the best right now in Canada for parents to go with?

Let’s take a look.


This is located in West BC and has a great reputation for providing students with an excellent education. Those who join will have a very good time.

It has 900+ students from kindergarten to grade 12. So a child can go through their entire education through SMUS providing continuity and consistency.

Plus, it comes out as one of the leaders in private schools for Canadian students. It was also home to NBA player Steve Nash when he was younger and going to school.

2) The York School

This is one of the best private schools in Ontario and is well-regarded for doing a great job with their integrated IB program. It is one of the first schools to have the program instituted when it was setup. This is important to note because it has a positive track record around the world.

The school goes from JK-12 and is an exceptional institution for young children who are getting their feet wet.

3) Ridley College

This scenic private school is located in the heart of St.Catherines and is a delightful private school for parents to consider as they’re moving forward with options.

It has been around for more than 125 years of educating in various parts of the world, so the people behind this school are well aware of what a child requires to be successful.

This is pertinent when it comes to setting them up for the future.

As of right now, these are the top private schools in Canada and parents have to go through each option to make sure the right fit is found. A child is going to need a quality setup to make the most of their potential and as a parent, you have to find the best private school to fit their needs.

It’s a must.